Adult Corrections

Adult Corrections


For Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility

Located in The Dalles, Oregon

Salary $100,000 to $125,000

See attached Job Description and Minimum Qualifications.

Submit your Resume, Cover Letter and three (3) Professional References to:

Administrator Bryan Brandenburg

Northern Oregon Regional Corrections

201 Webber Street

The Dalles, Oregon 97058

Applications must be received no later than July 20th, 2018 @ 5pm




Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility provides enhanced Public Safety through secure confinement, reformative programs and a process of supervised community reentry.

Philosophy & Goals

NORCOR consists of trained professionals who are committed to a safe, secure and respectful organization. We are dedicated to public safety, victim’s rights and the reformation of the offenders under our care. Offenders will be treated in a safe and humane manner and we will exemplify the “Core Values” of Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence.


NORCOR (Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility) is a Regional Adult Corrections and Juvenile Detention Facility located in The Dalles, Oregon. NORCOR set a national precedent by combining Adult Corrections, and Juvenile Detention, into a complex that serves the four counties of Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, and Gilliam. NORCOR was built in 1999 through a partnership between these counties and is administered by a board made up of County Commissioners from the four counties, with one Sheriff from one of the counties serving a one year rotating term and one non-voting member of the juvenile oversight board which also serves a one year rotational term.

NORCOR’s Adult Corrections Facility provides 160 (Expandable to 212) adult beds for the Wasco, Hood River, Gilliam, and Sherman Counties. NORCOR also has contracts with Immigration and the US Marshall’s Service as well as Benton County. The Adult facility employs 44 full time employees. NORCOR provides a comprehensive treatment program for both the chronically mentally ill and the general inmate population. These programs have demonstrated their efficiency in reducing recidivism and reducing the presence of the mentally ill in our facility.

NORCOR Juvenile Detention is a 32 bed facility. The facility manages four different populations of youth, both male and female ranging in age from 12-17. The populations include detention services of pre-adjudication youth from the four NORCOR counties, with additional contracts in place for Crook, Jefferson, Morrow, and Umatilla Counties in Oregon, Skamania and Klickitat Counties in Washington, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Detention beds are also offered on an as needed basis for a number of other Central and Eastern Oregon counties. There are three programs dedicated to treatment and rehabilitation services for youth offenders. Education services are contracted through the Oregon Department of Education and locally provided by North Wasco County School District personnel. The Juvenile Facility has 16 full time employees.


This position reports to the Board of Directors, the Administrator effectively plans, organizes, oversees and manages the operations, programs, and activities of NORCOR which includes both the Adult Corrections Facility and the Juvenile Detention Facility. The Administrator collaborates with the Board of Directors, Sheriff’s Board, and Juvenile Oversight Board to implement the goals and objectives of the NORCOR board while maintaining an organization wide vision. The Administrator is responsible for the financial administration of NORCOR operations, including the $8 million dollar budget.

The Administrator plans, prioritizes, assigns, and supervises the work of staff. Additionally, the Administrator performs annual performance reviews for the administrative staff to ensure accountability and consistency throughout the organization. The Administrator oversees the facilitation of staff development and training programs. The Administrator must maintain awareness of new legislation or status, techniques, and equipment used in providing services and provides recommendations on legislation or statute revisions as required.


  • Develop positive and productive relationships with the Board of Directors, Sheriff’s Board and Juvenile Oversight Board. Establish trust, actively engage, and encourage collaboration that enables all parties to remain focused on a long-term vision while advancing the organizational wide strategy.
  • Drive financial stability with a focus on long-term financial planning. Develop sustainable budgets, maintain fiscal accountability, and identify opportunities to generate additional revenue, while adhering to Oregon Budget Law.
  • Work to understand the current organization, operations, and overall structure. Identify operational gaps and opportunities and adjust the business model as needed to meet the demands of the organization.
  • Consider the proper timing, funding, and support for necessary facility updates. Identify, prioritize, and implement building maintenance and technology projects.
  • Partner with the Juvenile Detention staff and the Juvenile Oversight Committee to provide juvenile detention capacity and develop programs and services to meet the needs of the youth placed in the facility.
  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors, Sheriff’s Board, and Adult Corrections staff to identify new programs and expand existing services in the areas of mental health, chemical dependency, and inmate education to reduce recidivism.
  • Develop and promote a collaborative and cross-functional internal culture that encourages accountability and supports team cohesion. Ensure effective communication, encourage transparency, and provide staff with the opportunity to contribute ideas and participate in identifying solutions that benefit the organization.

Ideal Candidate

The Board seeks a seasoned Administrator with a genuine interest in leading the unique structure of NORCOR. The ideal candidate will embrace the complexity, understand individual goals and interests of the adult and juvenile facilities, and bring them together to move forward as a larger entity with a broader vision.

The Administrator is creative and receptive to new ideas, identifying best practices in adult corrections and juvenile detention. The ideal candidate has an interest in reducing recidivism and uses evidence based practices in developing programs and services. Considered neutral and unbiased, the Administrator adheres to the highest ethical standards, including the ability to make difficult decisions that are in the best interest of the organization. A proactive leader, the preferred candidate is flexible and adaptable and maintains a sense of humor.

A collaborative leader, the Administrator is a natural relationship developer with a proven track record of bringing people with different perspectives together in order to make decisions and move the organization forward. The successful candidate is an excellent communicator that leads by example and empowers others. Additionally, the Administrator supports staff and continues to encourage training and professional development.

Minimum Qualifications

At least five years of experience in public administration, or public safety with a minimum of five years leadership or management experience. Criminal justice system knowledge and experience with modern adult corrections and juvenile detention is ideal. Knowledge of best practices and programming that is evidenced based and meets industry standards for the reduction in recidivism rates and the enhancement of public safety is paramount. Specific experience in Administration, Operations, Human Resources, Risk Management and Finance with budgetary responsibility of at least $5 million is essential. An Associates or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in public administration, business administration, accounting, law enforcement, jail management or related field is required. Any satisfactory combination of experience, training and education may be substituted and considered.





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