NORCOR does not handle, control, or refund bail/security once it is posted.

Bail moneys are posted directly to the adult in custody’s account. These funds become the property of the adult in custody and are nonrefundable. It is the discretion of the adult in custody if they choose to post his/her own bail with these funds.

If the adult in custody chooses to use the funds to post his/her own bail, it is then forwarded to the courts for processing.

Unless YOU posted bail directly to the court you are not eligible for refund from the court when the proceedings in the matter have been concluded in court. 
Only the adult in custody that posted their own bail may be eligible to receive a refund from the issuing court. The court does not refund security until all of the conditions of the release agreement are performed, all court appearances are complete, the defendant is discharged from all obligations in the case, and the case is closed.

The security is subject to forfeiture if the defendant fails to appear in court as scheduled or violates the release agreement.

  1. The court will retain 15% of the amount deposited as security release costs. In no event will the amount be less than $5.00.
  2. The Court may order that the security deposit be applied to any fines, costs, assessments, restitution, contribution, recoupment or other monetary obligations that are imposed on the defendant in this or any other case.
  3. The Court may order that the security deposit be applied towards the defendant’s child support obligations and/or to provide security for future child support and/or to provide security for future child support payments.
  4. If the defendant fails to comply with the terms of the security release agreement, the Court may order that the security deposit be forfeited to the State of Oregon. The Court may also enter a judgment against you for the entire amount of the security set against the defendant. This is not limited to the amount you post.
  5. No money will be refunded until the proceedings in this matter are completed and the Court enters an order releasing the funds. If the defendant is found guilty, no money will be returned until after the sentencing. Unless the Court orders otherwise, these funds will only be refunded to the person who made the deposit as shown on the receipt.
  6. The Court may be required to notify the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Attorney’s Office if more than $10,000.00 is posted by any party.

Contact information for all local courts listed below:

Hood River County

Hood River County Circuit Court
309 State St.
Hood River, Or. 97031

Hood River Municipal Court
211 2nd St.
Hood River, Or. 97031

Gilliam County

Gilliam County Circuit Court
221 S. Oregon St.
P.O. Box 622
Condon Or. 97823

Arlington Justice Court
500 W. 1st
St. Arlington, Or. 97812

Condon Justice Court
221 S. Oregon St.
Condon, Or. 97823

Sherman County

Sherman County Circuit Court
500 Court St.
P.O. Box 402
Moro, Or. 97039

Sherman County Justice Court
5th and Court St.
P.O. Box 282
Moro, Or. 97039

Wasco County

Wasco County Circuit Court
511 Washington St.
The Dalles, Or. 97058

The Dalles Municipal Court
313 Court St.
The Dalles, Or. 97058

Wheeler County

Wheeler County Circuit Court
701 Adams St.
P.O. Box 345
Fossil, Oregon 97830

Fossil Justice Court
701 Adams St.
P.O. Box 173
Fossil, Or. 97830

Mitchell Justice Court
S. Nelson St.
P.O. Box 142
Mitchell, Or. 97750