Adult in custody telephones are provided at NORCOR and are located in all adult in custody housing areas.

The adult in custody’s telephones are turned on from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM each day.

If an adult in custody has a behavioral problem or there is a safety and security problem at NORCOR the telephones may be turned off. Use of the telephones by the adults in custody at NORCOR is a privilege.

All adult in custody telephone calls are collect calls through the TELMATE System. The adult in custody telephone system can not receive incoming calls.

You can leave a message for the adult in custody through the TELMATE System by calling 866-516-0115.

Verified emergency messages will be delivered to the adult in custody by NORCOR Command Staff.

If you call in a false emergency message, the adult in custody you wish to contact may loose his/her telephone privileges.

NORCOR reserves the authority to monitor and record conversations on the adult in custody telephone system. Law enforcement may use the recording for criminal investigations.

If the telephone is used to talk with legal counsel it will not be recorded or monitored.