Telephone numbers of the public may be blocked by NORCOR Command Staff, or upon the request of a citizen to prevent adults in custody calling their telephone number from the adult in custody telephone system at NORCOR. A citizen’s request for a telephone block may be provided orally or in written form. However, the citizen filing the request must provide NORCOR with his/her driver’s license number or state ID card number, their full name, date of birth, requester’s telephone numbers to be blocked, and the purpose for the telephone block.

The original requester may ask to remove the block. The request may be in written form or may be in person. The requestor must provide his/her driver’s license or state ID card number and the purpose for the removal of the telephone block.

Victims of a crime by an adult in custody held at NORCOR can not remove a telephone block without proper paperwork provided to NORCOR by the Court or District Attorney’s office.