You may only take small, hand-carried or pocket items into the visiting area, such as photographs, wallets, coins, or keys if they do not present a security risk, but no cell phones, pencils, matches, lighters, tobacco, sharp objects, food, drinks, pocket knives, or containers. (Containers include briefcases, purses, and fanny packs).

A visitor with a baby may take a limited supply of baby care items on a visit, however he or she may not take baby strollers or carriers.

NORCOR staff may ask you to empty your pockets so they can see the contents. They may also ask you to submit to a frisk search if they have reasonable suspicion you are trying to take contraband into the visiting area. You may refuse to submit to a search, but NORCOR staff will not allow you to visit and may permanently revoke your visiting privileges.

No visitor may take a camera, cigarette lighters, pocket knives, cell phones or other two-way communication devices on a visit.

You may not leave items in the waiting area while you visit. Quarter operated lockers are available in the lobby for you to store your personal belongings. NORCOR is not responsible for items left in lockers.