Update 5/15/2020

Our Goals

All of the practices and procedures we have recently put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are to assure the safety of youth and staff.  We want to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into the facility, as well as to prevent the spread of the virus into the community.

We will take direction from North Central Public Health, the Oregon Health Authority and the Governor’s Office to assure consistency with laws and best practices.


As of 5/15/20, NORCOR Juvenile is still closed to all visitors with limited exceptions for attorneys, county Juvenile Department staff or Oregon Youth Authority staff.  Anyone entering the facility will be screened prior to entry.  We will update this site when changes are made.

We do not take the decision to limit visitation lightly.  We will provide more phone calls for youth and will work to provide opportunities for video visitation, if possible.

We are also working with our volunteer partners to provide video or virtual programs.


NORCOR Juvenile Detention is open for intake. However, NORCOR will work with referring agencies to determine need.  All intakes will be screened prior to entry and medically quarantined for 72 hours to aid in minimizing risk of exposure to the facility.  Following the quarantine period, youth will wear a cloth mask while outside their room until they have been in the facility for at least 14 days.


North Wasco County School District 21 is providing educational materials for the youth.  Materials are being reviewed by the teacher and updated weekly.  While the teacher is not directly interacting with youth, the youth are able to access these materials.  NORCOR will work closely with NWCSD 21 and the Oregon Department of Education to provide the best educational program for the youth.

Internal Precautions

We have increased cleaning and disinfecting in the facility using guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority and the Center for Disease Control.  We have youth and staff washing hands more frequently.  Staff will be medically screened before reporting for shift.  Staff will wear a cloth mask at all times while in the secure area of the facility.  We are closely monitoring any youth who report not feeling well and consult with our medical staff regularly.


To date, no youth or staff at NORCOR Juvenile have displayed symptoms of Covid-19, therefore, no testing has occured.  If the need arises, NORCOR will work closely with North Central Public Health to assure timely and appropriate testing is made available.